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EAST HADDON HISTORY SOCIETY Northamptonshire, England



The original publication of this book was in 2004, and it very soon sold out as residents of  the village, as well as from much further afield, snapped up copies.

The book is a series of records and recollections of life here from 1900 to 2000, and gives a very lively account of how people lived during the last 100 years. The authors have trawled residents’ memories to give us a true feel for life in East Haddon, and the ways in which the village functioned.

Despite a continuing small demand for extra copies, it has not been possible to get a re-print due to the loss of all the original typesets when the printer ceased trading.

Because a re-print is not available, the copyright holders have generously given their permission for the book to be re-produced on this website. We accordingly acknowledge the generosity of :

Debbie Blednick

Joan Francis

Jane Martin

David Price

We also acknowledge the sterling work by Paul Marshall, who has typed up the entire manuscript on his laptop - a labour of love over many hours! His efforts have provided us with the text in a format that we can reproduce here.

So, read on - click here to get to the title page

And here for the contents page.