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Full details of the men who are listed on our WAR MEMORIAL are now complete. You can read these by going to the “Village Sites” page, then click “War Memorial”, and then individual names.

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“The Very Early Years” is a paper written by Paul Marshall, and now available on our website. It describes the period up to and including the Domesday Book. Click here to read……

ARCHIVE PICTURES - Recent additions. Recognise anybody here?

We have been collecting historical pictures of East Haddon, and the enlarged collection can now be viewed - click here.

If you have any more pictures we could use, please contact Rob Divall on 01604  770550, or e-mail: rm@btinternet.com


Take a look down the tabs on the left, and you will see a new section called “VILLAGE PEOPLE”. Read here about Albert Tredgett. Who else should be in here? Can you nominate somebody, and possibly write a couple of paragraphs about them? Send it to Rob Divall.