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EAST HADDON HISTORY SOCIETY Northamptonshire, England


Transcript of pages 160-166 from “The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton” Vol 1: Baker, pub 1822


So named in distinction to West Haddon, varies in Domesday from “Eddone” to “Hadone”.   Its etymology is problematical, it may possibly compounded of “Edd” the first Saxon colonist, and “dune”, a down – that is the hill of Edd – or it may be allusive to the situation on the “had”, head or summit of a hill, but neither conjecture can be advanced with confidence.   The open fields were inclosed by act of parliament 13 Geo. 3 (1773), and the lordship contains about 2240 acres, of which about 1350 acres belong to William Sawbridge, esq. the lord of the manor; about 380 acres to Christopher Smyth, of Northampton, esq.; nearly 100 acres to the vicar in right of his church; about 100 acres to the daughters and coheiresses of the late sir William Langham, of Cottesbrooke, bart.; and about 100 acres each to Mr John Clarke and Mr Joseph Claridge.   The boundaries are formed by Ravensthorp on the north, from which it is divided by a brook; Holdenby on the East; Brington on the south; and Long Buckby and West Haddon, in Guilsborough hundred, on the west.   The lordship is hilly and affords some pleasing and rather extensive prospects.   The prevailing soil is a light fertile loam, but lower parts of the parish are a blue clay.   Amongst the scarce plants found in this parish are, Rubus corylifolius, hazel-leaved bramble, Epilobium tetragonum, square-stalked Willow-herb, Polypodium Oreopteris, Heath fern.    The gravel-pits adjoining the road to Ravensthorp furnish fibrous gypsum, jasper, and stone marble, and of extraneous fossils, gryphites, ammonites, belemnites, escalope shells, muscles, and corallites.  There are two brick-kilns in the parish.   In Mr Sawbridge’s garden is one of the strongest chalybeate springs in the neighbourhood.

MANORIAL HISTORY.  MORETON FEE.  HONOR OF LEICESTER. “Eddone” was one of the manors retained by the earl of Moreton in his own possession at the Domesday survey. It contained two hides and a half, of which one hide was in demesne.  The arable land was five carucates; three in demesne with nine servants; and seven villeins with a priest, and seven bordars had the remaining two carucates. There was a mill worth 10/- yearly; eight acres of meadow and ten acres of underwood. The whole had been rated in the time of Edward the Confessor at 40s yearly, but was then doubled in value. To the soke of this manor belonged part of Brampton, a virgate held by William (Keynes) in Brington and two hides and a virgate held by Ralf in Holdenby.  There was also half a hide in “Hadone”, held under the earl by this Ralph. The arable land was one carucate, in the occupation of two villeins and four boarders.  It has been rated at 2d yearly, but at the survey was quintupled in value.  In the hydarium of Hen 2, “Haddon” was returned at four hides of the fee of Leicester.  Henry earl of Lancaster, in plea to a quo warranto 3 Edw. 3 (1329), claimed return of all writs, pleas of withernam, view of frank pledge, wayfs and strays, infangefeof, acquitted throughout the kingdom from toll, pontage, stallage, pannage, repairing castles or bridges, and other privileges in East Haddon with its members, as parcels of the honour of Leicester. It is still within the paramount jurisdiction of the duchy of Lancaster, who owes suit and services to the court formerly called here, but now kept at West Haddon.

MANOR. The mesne manor was granted out within a century of the Norman conquest to the family of Dyve, who were considerable proprietors in this county and Nottinghamshire.   In the inquisition of knights’ fees 12 Joh. (1210) Hugh Dyve was certified to hold seven fees and a half in Northamptonshire of the honour of Leicester.   He died in the lifetime of his mother, leaving three daughters and coheiresses, Matilda, wife of Sir Saher Saint Andrew; Alice,wife of Sir Richard Mucegros; and Ascelin, wife of Sir Simon de Mucegros; who, with their husbands, in 12 Hen.3 (1227-8), had livery of the lands which had been assigned in dower to their grandmother.  The subjoined pedigree will illustrate the descent of the three reputed manors in Haddon, which sprung from this tripartite division.


From public records and other authorities

Arms.   ST. ANDREW.  Gules,seven mascules conjoined, 3, 3, 1, Or, in chief a lanel of five points Azure

HUGH DYVE, gave portions of tithes in Gotham, co. Notts, to Leicester abbey, confirmed by Hen 2. = HELEWISE

WILLIAM DYVE, gave advowson of East Haddon to Sulby priory; and of = MATILDA, d. of ....WATERVILLE, by Ascelin, sist. and coh. Of Will Peveril,

            Guilsborough to the hosp. of St. John of Jerusalem, dead 1 Ric. 1 (1189-90).     of Brunne, co. Camb. aet. 35, 1 Ric 1 (1189-90), ob. 12 Hen. 3 (1277-78)


            HUGH DYVE, gave Nortoft manor to the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, aet  =   AGNES RALPH DYVE, of co.           MATILDA ; wife of William

 10, 1 Ric. 1 (1189-90), ob. 12 Joh. (1210-11)                 Linc.          Fitz-Otho.

1.MATILDA, d. and coh.  =  Sir SAHER de ST. AN-   2. ALICIA, dau. and coh.  =  Sir RICHARD MUCE-   3. ASCELIN, d. and coh.  =  Sir SIMON MUCEGROS

   of Hugh and granddau        DREW, of East Had-         of Hugh, and granddau..     GROS, of East Had-           of Hugh and granddau.        of East Haddon.  &c

       and coh. of Matilda Dyve,        don, &c. jure ux. liv-      and coh. of Matilda Dyve,     don, &c. jure ux.               and coh. of Matilda Dyve      jure ux. dead 27 Hen.

          12 Hen 3 (1227-8).                 ing 12 Hen. 3.           12 Hen. 3 (1227-8)            living 12 Hen. 3               12 Hen. 3 (1227-8)    3 (1227-8)


     ST. AN-            dau. of              ROBERT ST. ANDREW        of East H  scion ob.        MUCEGROS,   GROS, of East          Esc 50 Hen. 3. ob.        sist. and        RATIN-

     DREW, of        ..............;       LAURENCE ST. ANDREW      7 Edw. 1 (1278-9),          joined his          Haddon, ob. s.p.       33 Edw. 1 (1301-5),     coh. 50          DEN; 2 h.

     Gotham,           2 h........             SAHER ST. ANDREW,        Esc 8 Edw. 1. n. 27           father in            50 Hen. 3                  Esc 33 Edw. 1 n.            Hen. 3          Hugh

     co. Notts,         Walth.                rector of Gotham,                JAMES ST. ANDREW,     alienating          (1265-6),   Esc.         23;  wife of Ralph                   Heugshe,

     &c.                  co. Notts.  bro. and h. aet.30,   East Had-          50 Hen. 3. n.33.        Dyve, dead s. p. 33                    9 Edw. 1

               JOHN ST. ANDREW            Esc. 8 Edw. 1               don.   Edw. 1                     (1280-1);

    1 w.AGNES, d.of Ric.  =   Sir ROGER DE ST. AN  =  2 w AGNES, d. of Sir  =  3 w. MATILDA, d. of.....wid.    MATILDA, JOHN RATINDEN, of East Haddon,

   de Grey, of Sandiacre,         DREW, of East Had-           Gervase Clifton, of           8 Edw. 3 (1334);  b. John            8 Edw. 1    nephew and b. of Alicia, Esc 33

     co. Derb.  8 Edw. 1            don, &c. dead 8 Edw.          Clifton, co. Notts.4           Pontrell, of Wistrow, co. Notts.   (1279-80)  Edw. 1, levied fine of one-third of

    (1279-80).         3 (1334)            Edw. 2 (1310-11).            8 Edw. 2 (1314-15).   East Haddon 7 Edw. 3 (1333).

RICHARD ST. ANDREW, of East  =  ALICIA, d. of Robert          Sir JOHN ST. ANDREW, of East Haddon, bro. and  =  JULIANA, sist. and h. of William, s. of sir

Haddon, ob. 3 Edw. 3 (1329),    de Stoke, of Stoke       b. aet. 16 Esc. 3 Edw. 3, ob. 24 Oct 34 Edw. 3             Roger Zouch, of Lubbesthorpe, co. Leic.

Esc 3 Edw. 3. n. 18.   near Coventry.       (1360), Esc. 34 Edw. 3. n. 44.                  living 43 Edw. 3 (1369).

1.JOHN ST. ANDREW, of East  2. EDMUND ST. ANDREW, of  =  MARGARET,     3. ROBERT ST.N AN-  =  CATHERINE, d.     4. RALPH ST.     ALICE,

Haddon, aet 22, Esc. 34 Edw. East Haddon, bro. and h. aet.            living 4      DREW, of East Had-        of........Sutton;          ST. ANDREW,   ELIZABETH,

3, ob. 43 Edw. 3 (1369), Esc.               16, Esc. 43 Edw. 3, living 51            Ric. 2      don, living 3 Hen.              2 h. Nicholas            29 Edw. 3        MATILDA.

43 Edw. 3 p. 2 n. 25  Edw. 3 (1377), o.s.p.                  (1381)                   4 (1401-2).        Belers.                      (1355).

THOMAS ST. ANDREW, of East Haddon, 9 Hen.  =  ELIZABETH, dau. of Peter Pole, of Radbourn,  2. JOHN ST. ANDREW, 3 Hen. 4, ELIZABETH.

 5 (1421)    co. Derb.    (1401-2).

PETER ST. ANDREW, of East Haddon, esq. ob. 6 May 37 Hen. 6 (1459), Esc. 37  =  ELIZABETH MALORY = 2 h. JOHN   THOMAS ST. ANDREW, 34

  Hen. 6 n. 16.                       ROSELL.    Hen. 6 (1455-6).

JOHN ST. ANDREW, of East Haddon, esq. aet. 8 Esc. 37 Hen. 6, ob. 1510, bur. at Gotham, co. Notts  =  ALICE, ob. 14 Apr, 1509, bur. at Gotham.

WILLIAM ST. ANDREW, of East Haddon, esq.  =  MARGARET, d. of .....  THOMA ST. ANDREW,  Rev. HUGH ST.ANDREW, rector of Gotham, co.

Ob. 3 Dec, 1565, bur. at Gotham      Aston, ob. 1535.  EDMUND ST. ANDREW.  Notts, ob. 20 Apr 1528, bur. there.

JOHN ST. ANDREW, of East Had-  =  CATHERINE, d. of John       GEORGE ST.AN-        ELIZABETH;w. of ........Hargrave.         MARGARET,  w.          ELLES,

don, esq. ob. 31 Jan.1570-1, Esc.           Welles, of Hortcross               DREW, living               ALICE; w. of ...........Fox         of ...........Whode,           MARY,

13 Eliz. p. 2 n. 25.    co. Staff. Esq.          1540.       ANNE; w. of ....... Organ.         CATHERINE.       DOROTHY.

 GEORGE ST.ANDREW, of East Haddon, esq. aet 44 Esc. 13 Eliz. ob. 27 Aug. 1594, Esc. 27 Eliz. p. 2  =  BARBARA, d. of George Nevill, of Grove,  co. Notts.. esq.

   n. 20, bur. at Gotham.

1 w. MARY, d. of Thomas, and eldest  =  WILLIAM  ST. ANDREW, of  =  2 w. MARY, d. of =  3 w. ELIZABETH, d. of    GERVASE ST. ANDREW,     WINIFRED,

sist. and coh. of William Skeffing-             East Haddon, esq. aet 6,                Edmund Pilking-        ....Wedgwood, of              JOHN ST. ANDREW,              JANE,

ton, of Skeffington, co. Leic. ob. 15           Esc. 27 Eliz. ob. 25 Nov.               ton, esq.                      Haracles, co. Staff.;          FRANCIS ST. ANDREW.       BARBARA.

JOHN ST. ANDREW, of East  =  ELIZABETH, d. of John  =  2 h. Sir JOHN BALE,   JANE.   BARBARA, ob. s. p.5 Apr. 1624, aet. 18, bur. at Lockington,

Haddon, esq. ob. 14 Jan.               Bainbridge, of Lockington,  of Carlton, co. Leic.              co. Leic..; 1st w. of William Bainbridge, of Lockington, co.

1625-6.                co. Leic. esq. born 1602        mar. 1631.           Leic. esq. ob. 22 Nov. 1669, aet. 65.

 Cont. overleaf

MARIA, eldest d.  =  GERVASE PIGOT,  =  2 w. ELIZABETH,      1 h. FRANCIS  =  ELIZABETH, 2nd  =  2 h. WILLIAM SKEFFING-   BARBARA,  =  Sir OLIVER ST.

and coh. ob. 2           of Thrumpton,                d. of Simon Ed-         THORHAHUGH,   dau. and coh. ob.       TON, of Skeffington, co.         3d d. and              JOHN, of Woodford

Feb 1643-4, aet.       co. Notts, esq. ob.           monds, of Lon-          of Fenton, co.          11 Jan. 1676-7,           Leic. and Tunbridge, co.         coh. had             1st bart.

22, buried at             9 Aug. 1669, aet.            don, esq. ob. 28          Notts. esq.               bur. at Skeffing-         Kent, esq. ob. s. p. Apr.           East Had-           ob. 2 Jan. 1661-2,

Thrumpton.              53, bur. there.                 Aug. 1649.                   ton.                             1692 aet.82.                       don.                    aet. 37.

MARY, d. and h. ob. 31 Aug. 1688; 1st wife of Robert Burdet, of Foremark, co. Derb. 3d bart. by whom she had                vide WOODFORD.

 Elizabeth, d. and h.; wife of Charles Jenens, of Gopsal, co. Leic. esq.

ST ANDREW MANOR.   This estate seems to have been settled on a junior branch of the family, for in 7 Edw.1 (1278-9), Ralph St. Andrew, probably a younger son of Sir Sayer by a subsequent marriage, died seised of it, held, not in capite, but of Roger, heir of Maud St. Andrew, a minor in ward to the king, and James St. Andrew was brother and heir, aged 30 years.   A writ was directed to the sheriff the same year to deliver the manor of Haddon to the executors of the will of the said Ralph, unless he had taken possession under a claim in his private capacity, and not by virtue of his office on demise of the lord, and the following year a mandate was issued to Richard de Holebroo, the king’s seneschal, to enter in the king’s name on all the lands which the late Ralph St. Andrew held in capite.   This manor soon after reverted to the elder line of St. Andrew, probably by the death of the above James St. Andrew s.p. and in the certificate of knights fees 24 Edw. 1 (1295-6), Roger St. Andrew, Thomas Bray, and Ralph Dyve, were returned to hold East Haddon of the honour of Leicester.   The annexed pedigree carries down this manor to the coheiresses of St. Andrew; the youngest of whom brought it in marriage to

Sir Oliver St. John, of WOODFORD, near Thrapston, in whose descendants it continued until 1807, when, after an uninterrupted descent of six centuries, it was alienated by St. Andrew 13th lord St. John, to

William Sawbridge ,esq. who was previously in possession of Bray and Ragon’s manors by inheritance from his father.


From a pedigree entered in the College of Arms, with additions  (Hillmorton register, North Kilworth register and Daventry register)

ARMS; Or, two bars Azure, each charged with a barrulet jauncette Argent, on a chief indented of the second an Ermine spot Gold.   

CREST,   On a wreath of the colours a demi lion Azure, holding in his paws a saw erect, and on the shoulder an ermine spot Gold.

.....SAWBRIDGE, of Hill Morton, co. Warw.  =  ELIZABETH, bur. 2 June 1638

GEORGE SAWBRIDGE,of Hill Morton, co. Warw. bur. 23 Aug 1637.  =  AGNES, living 1636.

 1.WILLIAM    =  ALICE,      2. JOHN SAW-  =  ANNE, d.        3. THOMAS        4. ISAAC SAW  =  KATHERINE,        5. GEORGE  =  HANNAH        1. ANNE, bap.  

 SAWBRIDGE,    d. of                              BRIDGE, of           of Rich-            SAW-                  BRIDGE, of            d. of ...........             SAW-                dau. of               9 Jan 1619,

 of Hill                  .....                                North Kil-              ard Tur-            BRIDGE,             Old Fish-street,        Bathrom,                 BRIDGE,           ......                    dead 1636.

  Morton, co.          living                            worth, co.              vile, of               bap. 5                  London, bap.            bur. at St.                of London         Brew-               2. MARY, bap.

 Warw. bap.          1652                              Leic. gent.             Shearsby,          Dec. 1624            7 Mar. 1627,             Mary Magd.           esq. dead           ster, dead           14 Nov.

 3 Mar. 1615            bap. 15 Feb.          co. Leic.            living                    bur. at St.                 Lond. 15                1684                  1684                  1630,   living

 bur. 14 Mar.         1617, bur. 8          gent.                  1636                     Mary Magd.             Mar. 1699.     1636

 1673          Dec. 1673            London 18       3. AGNES

                 Sept. 1679       living 1636

1.THOMAS SAWBRIDGE   1. ANNE         1. WILLIAM SAW-     3. WILLIAM  =  ANN    1. ELIZABETH, bap     JACOB SAW-  =  ELIZA-       ISAAC SAW-      JOSEPH

bap. 16 Jan. 1641     26 Nov. 1643;   BRIDGE bur. 1             SAW-             sist. of    26 Apr. 1645, m.       BRIDGE, of         BETH          BRIDGE, bur.     SAW-

living 1678      wife of Ed-        June 1641       BRIDGE, of      John       28 Jan. 1672, Mi-       London, and         d. and           at St. Mary          BRIDGE,

2. JOHN SAWBRIDGE      ward Whit-        4. RICHARD SAW-    Daventry,           Relfe,     chael Hodson, of       of Ollantigh          b. of             Magd. Lond.        bap. at

bap. 30 Nov. 1645,              ing of Harle-      BRIDGE, bap. 21         gent. bap.           esq. a     Ullesthorpe, co. Leic.       in Wye, co.           John             9 Dec. 1680         St. Mary

living 1678.                         ston, living         Nov. 1652                     Mar. 1650          clerk      2. MARY, bap. 4              Kent, esq.             Fisher,          JOHN SAW-       Magd.

3. GEORGE SAWBRIDGE,    1678                   5. GEORGE SAW-       mar. 6                assist-    Mar. 1654                         M. P. for               of Lon-         BRIDGE, Jnr.      London

of Hill Morton, bap.            2. MARY, bap.   BRIDGE, bap. 5          Feb. 1676-7        ant in     3. HESTER, bap.       Cricklade,             don,               there 1 Oct.          Oct.

17 Mar. 1646, living           10 Oct. 1647      Jan. 1662                      bur. 14                the         24 Oct. 1659,                   ob. 10, and            esq.                1685                    ob. 7 Mar.

there; m. Dorothy, d. of      wife of Sa-        2. JOHN SAWBRIDGE,     Feb. 1719                house       4. SARAH, bap.15                  buried at               bur. at            JAMES SAW-     1719  

......  living 1686.                muel Bal-          of North Kilworth              of lords,  May 1657; m.                   Wye 15 July        Hack-            BRIDGE, bap.       there,

4. WILLIAM SAWBRIDGE,   lard, of Co-       co. Leic. bap.               1693,       13 Jan. 1688; Jo-              1748                    ney,               13 Aug.,1675.        m. Penelope    

of Lond.,bap 19 Jan.           ventry .              there 17 Oct.                 bur. 10     seph Atkins, of                 co.                  MARY, living       d. of.......

15 ob. unm.,1678.                      1617; m. Cathe-               Mar.        Swinford, co.                 Middx.           1657.        ob. 31 Dec.  

5.ISAAC SAWBRIDGE ,          rine, d. of .....                 1708.       Leic.                     ANNE, bap. 2        1735   =

bap. 12 Dec. 1652.   =                                                       Apr. 1674                    

(a)                             (b)       (c)                (d)

 (a)                                                                        (b)                                                                                                                  (c)                                (d)

JOHN SAW-      1. EDWARD SAW-         2.WILLIAM  =  MARY      1. ANNE, bap. 7 Apr. 1678,            1. JOHN  =  2w. DORO-    3. JOHN-ELIAS SAW-         1. ALICE, d. of ?

BRIDGE,             BRIDGE, of Daven-       SAW-                 d. of              bur. 29 Dec. 1696.         SAW-         THY, d.          BRIDGE, of Canter-              coh. ob. unm.

bap. 2                    try, esq. bap. 26              BRIDGE, of       Henry        2. DOROTHY, bap. 5 May, 1681       BRIDGE,    and h.of        bury, esq. ob. unm.               bur. at St. Mary

1649, mar.            Jan. 1682-3, ob.              London,              Shibell,        bur. 8 Jan. 1765; wife of                 of Ollan-     George          4. JOSEPH SAWBRIDGE,        Magd. London

and whose             unm. 13 Oct., bur.          esq. born             of St.           rev. William Collier, vicar              tigh, co.       Wanley,         esq. ob. unm.          2. ELIZABETH, d. and

descend-                24 Oct. 1775, aet.          27 Oct.                Martin’s      of Cold Ashby; ob. s. p.                  Kent,            of Totten-    CATHERINE, m. 24 Feb.       coh. ob. 12 Mar.

ants are                  92.                                  bap. 1 Nov.         in the         3. FRANCES, bap. 16 Feb. 1683-4   esq. ob.         ham, co.         1739, to Gen. Mont-            1729-30, aet. 23. bur.

still living              JOHN SAWBRIDGE,         1686, bur.                Fields,             bur. at St. Stephen, Coleman         30 Apr.         Midd. esq.      gomery, of Hanover            at St. Mary Magd.

there.                      bap. 9 Aug. 1679,         at St,                co. Midd.    St. Lond. w. Will. Thomson,          bur. at          bur. at             sq. Lond. esq.               Lond.; m. Brooke

GEO SAW-           bur. 23 Sept. 1688.        Laurence             bur. at        4. CATHERINE, bap. 27 Jan.             Wye, 9         Wye, 4         2. JACOB SAWBRIDGE,           Taylor, Ll.D.  =

BRIDGE,               JOHN SAWBRIDGE,         Jewry,                     St. Lau-            1687-8, bur. 29 Feb. 1769;          May                 March                of  Canterbury, esq. ob.

bap. 29           of Daventry, esq.          London,               rence             m. H. John Thompson, bur.9       1762, aet.      1732-3           1764, bur. at Crundall,    

Mar. 1691,             bap. 1 June 1690           1761.                  Jewry,            May 1730;2h.rev Dav. Hughes,   62; 1 w.            co. Kent; m Anne d..        ELIZABETH, b. 17 ?

4 daugh-           ob. unm. 7 Oct.                London,     5. MARY, bap. 1 June 1690, ob.    ......            of Will.Brolnax, of           ob. 1801; 2nd  w.

ters.           bur. Oct 1743.                Feb.               s. p. and bur. 8 May 1772; w.            Gomersham co. Kent,      of Sir Will. Young

                 1735              of Fras. Walford, of Daventry            bur. at Crundall.  =           bart.

2. HENRY SAWB-    =    ELIZABETH      1. WILLIAM SAWBRIDGE     1. w. DIANA,   =    JOHN SAW-     =      2 w. ANNE,            2. REV.  WANLEY SAWBRIDGE, A. M.       JACOB SAW-

RIDGE, of East Had-          d. of Tho.              ob. inf.                           dau. of Sir           BRIDGE, of  Ol-       d. and                      b. 13,  bap. at Wye 27 Feb. 1733-34  BRIDGE,  of

don, esq. born in par-     mas Sykes         1. MARY, bap. at St. Lau-     Orlando              lantigh, co. Kent,  coh. of Sir           rector of Thundersley, co. Essex Canterbury,

rish of St. Laurence        of London,            rence Jewry, Lond. 2        Bridgman, of     esq. born 17 Mar.  William               and vicar of Stalesfield, co. Kent, esq. unm. 1791

Jewry, London, 15         esq. m. at              Sept. 1718, ob.....; w.        Castle Brom-      bap. at Wye26Ap  Stephen-              ob. unm. 1796.   1. ELIZABETH,

Sept. 1719, sheriff         St. Stephen’s         of Will-Gregge Barn-        wich co. Warw. 1732, lord mayor   son, alder-          1. DOROTHY, w. of Steph. Becking- ob. inf.

of co. Northt. 1782,       Walbrook,             ston of London, esq.          bart. m. at St.      of London 1776,   man of                 ham of Bishopsbourne, co. Kent, esq 2. CATHERINE,

obiit at Exmouth,            Lond. 1759          7th son of Roger Barn-       James’s ch          M. P. for London   London,             2. CATHERINE, born 23 Mar. bap. at     bur. 1721; 2nd

co. Devon, 31 Dec.        obiit 2, bur.           ston, of Churton, co.          Westm. 15         and col.of East        mar. June           Wye 18 Apr. 1731, author of  Hist.    w. of Thomas

1806, aet.87, buried       at East Had-          Cest. esq. ob. 1781            Nov. 1763, ob.  Kent militia, ob.      1766, ob.            of England, &c. ob. at Binfield, co. Heron, of

at East Haddon 10          don 12 July       2. ELIZABETH, wife of          s. p. 21, bur.       20 Feb, 1795,        .....                       Berks, 27 June 1791; 1 h Geo.  Chatham, 2nd

Jan. 1807                    1793.                    Timothy Ravenshill, of      at Wye 28 Jan    bur. at Wye.             McCaulay, of Lond. M. D. m.13June    Castle co. Kent,

      Spitalfields, London.       1764              1760, ob........; 2 h. Gra-  esq.

                 ham, m. 17 Dec. 1778.       

1.WILLIAM SAWBRIDGE,  =   MARY, d. of Miles Barne, of 3.    REV. HENRY SAW-    =      ROSANNA, dau.of REV.JOHN –SIKES    =    FRANCES-JANE,           2. EDWARD SAW-

of East Haddon, esq.           Sotterley, co. Suff. esq. M. P. BRIDGE, A.M. born at       of George Cherry,     SAWBRIDGE, A. M.         d. of Framing-                  BRIDGE, ob.inf.

born in parish of St.            for Dunwich, born at Sotterley      Hackney, co.Midd. rector  esq. and widow of born at Hackney,        ham Thruston,           1.ELIZABETH, born

Laurence Jewry, Lon-         in St. Paul’s, Covent Gar- of Welford, co. Berks. m.   Thomas Blach- vicar of Stretton on      of Market Wes-          at Hackney.

don, sheriff of co. Northt.  den, Lond. 21 Nov. 1777 at St. Geo. Queen-sq.      ford, of Northaw, Dunsmore, co. Warw.    ton hall, co.           2. JANE, born

1810.     Lond. Jan. 1791.      co. Herts, esq. and of East Haddon    Suff.               at Hackney.

HENRY-BARNE SAWBRIDGE, esq. born at Sotterley,          1. FREDERICK          2. EDWARD-HENRY           FRANCES        ELIZABETH, ob. inf.         MARY                   ROSANNA CATHERINE

   co. Suff                 SAWBRIDGE     SAWBRIDGE               JANE                      DULCIBELLA      HARRIOTT

MUCEGROS or BRA MANOR.   Sir Richard Mucegros, who married the second coheiress of Dyve, with the consent of his son sir Robert Mucegros, disposed of his purparty in East Haddon to Simon Montford earl of Leicester ; upon whose attainder king Henry 3rd bestowed it on.   

Sir Thomas Bray, his seneschal, the ancester of Edmund lord Bray, who, in 26 Hen 8 (1534), levied a fine of a manor and tenements in East Haddon to Sir John Clerk.   


From Visitations and other authorities.

Arms. Quarterly, 1 and 4, vairy Argent and Azure, three bends Gules.   2 and 3, Argent, a chevron between three eagle’s legs erased a la cuisse

Sable, armed Gules.    Crest.  A lion passant gardant Or, winged vairy Argent and Azure.

JAMES BRAY, son of Sir Robert Bray of co. Northt  =  ............

  ANSELM BRAY  =        2. EDMUND BRAY  =  ............

  WILLIAM BRAY  =  .......      JOHN BRAY

     Cont.       Overleaf

1 w. ....... = Sir THOMAS BRAY, of East Haddon, &c sheriff of Bucks and Bedf.1273  =  2 w. ALICE, d. of ..... JOHN BRAY  JOSCELYN BRAY

  1274, M. P. for co. Bedf.1290, living 1296     Braxley .    RICHARD BRAY

 JOHN BRAY  =  ....  WILLIAM BRAY  =  .....  ALICE  JOAN

      THOMAS BRAY   EDMUND BRAY, of Eaton, co. Bedf.  =  ........

1 w. MARGARET, d. of William Sandes, of  =  Sir RICHARD BRAY, bur. at  =  2 w. JOAN, d. of.......Troughton, bur. at Guildford,  EDMUND BRAY

 Furness, co. Lanc.  Worcester   co. Surrey

Sir JOHN BRAY  Sir REGINALD BRAY, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,     JOHN BRAY,bur. LUCY; 1 h. Roger ALICE, wife of Rev Hyde

   only son  K. G. &c grantee of Stean and Hinton , purchaser of Cottes-     at Chelsea, co. Walwyn ; 2 h. JOAN, wife of .......

  brook, born at Worcester, ob. s. p. 5 Aug. 1503, bur. at Wind-       Middx.  Rich. Andrews.  Isaacs, of Washingby,

  sor ; m. Catherine,d. of Nicholas Hussey, esq.       co. Hunts.

MARGARET,        Sir EDMUND BRAY  =  JOAN, d. and h.     1 w. ELIZA-  =  Sir EDWARD  =  2 w. BEA-  =  3w. JANE         REGINALD  =  ANNE,     ELIZA-

d. and h.;             of age10Apr. 1 Hen.        of Sir Richard     BETH,d. and      BRAY, of             TRICE, d. of   d. of Sir       BRAY, of           dau. of     BETH ;

wife of             8 (1510),  BARON          Halleighwell, by       coh. of Henry     Shire co. Surrey    Ralph Shir-     Matthew          Barring-              Rich.      wife

William             BRAY of Eaton               Anne, d. and h.         Lovell,of Hart-   2nd son, M. P.         ley, of West-  Brown,       ton, co.              Morning-                  of Sir

Baron             Bray, co. Bedf.                 of Sir John Nor-      ley, co. Suss.       for Surrey               minston,         of Betch-         Glouc.                 ton, of                      John

Sandes, of             sum. to parl. 21,                bury, of Stoke         divorced, and      obiit. 1 Dec.           co. Hants,       worth,             and of               Bar-       Norris.

the Vine,                  25, 28 Hen. 8,                   D’Abernon, co.       mar. 2nd ly,          1553,  bur. at          widow of        co. Surr.         Stean,               rington,

K. G.              sold East Haddon,            Surr. ob. 8 Nov.      Sir Antony           Cranley, co.           ...Elder-        esq.                      co. Glouc.

            ob. 15 Oct. 1539,             1550, bur.atEat-      Windsor.               Surrey.                   ton.                 esq.

            buried at Chelsea,             on ; m. 2nd ly, Sir    (vide PRESTON  

            co. Middx.                        Uriah Brereton,       CAPES)        BRAY, OF SHIRE,   vide STEAN,

                 of co. Cest.             co. Surrey

JOHN, 2nd baron FRANCES , =  THOMAS ANNE, sist. and coh.; ELIZABETH, sist. and coh.;  FRIDESWIDE, or GRISWOLD, sist.  ELLEN, ob. 1516,

Bray, ob. s. p. 18 sist. and         LYFIELD, wife of George baron 1 h. Sir Ralph Verney, of  and coh. ; w. of Sir Percival Hart-  bur. at  Stoke,

Nov. 1557, bur. coh. ob. of Stoke Cobham, obiit. 1553. Penley, co. Herts, obiit.  MARY, sist. and coh. ; wife of   co. Surrey.

at Chelsea, co. 27 May  D’Aber- 1592.  25 Apr. 1546 ; 2 h. Sir   Sir Robert Peckham.   JANE, ob. 15 Mar.

Middx.; m. Anne 1592, aet. non, co.   Richard Catesby, of Led-  DOROTHY,sist. and coh. ; obit.  1539-40, bur.

d. of Francis earl 69. Surrey, BROOK BARON COB- gers Ashby, obiit. 4 Mar.   1605 ; 1 h. Edmund  baron Chan-   at Eaton, co.

of Shrewsbury.  Esq.        HAM, ext. 1553-4.    dos ; 2 h.William baron Knollys   Bedf.

           JANE, d. and h. ; wife of Thomas Vincent, esq. (vide BARNACK)

By inquisition after the death of William Saunders, esq. of WELFORD, in 33 Hen.8 (1541), he was found to died seised of this manor, held of the king as of his barony of East Haddon, parcel of the duchy of Lancaster; by purchase, probably from one of his descendants, it was transferred to

Robert Hickes, esq. who kept his court for this manor in 1617, and of whom Robert lord Spences held lands as of his manor of east Haddon, late Saunder’s manor, at his death in1627.

The next possessor who occurs is Andrew Lant, esq, of THORP UNDERWOOD, who had also the advowson of the vicarage, and on whose decease in 1695, this manor and advowson descended with his other estates in undivided shares to his three daughters and coheiresses, Elizabeth, wife of Frances Lane, esq. Sarah, wife of sir John Humble, bart. and Catherine, wife of William Ward, esq. of LITTLE HOUGHTON.   The pedigree of Lant and subsequent partition of the property will be detailed under THORP UNDERWOOD; it will be sufficient therefore,  for the present purpose to state that the manor and mansion-house of East Haddon, with certain lands and the third turn of presentation to the vicarage, were allotted to William Ward esq. whose son Thomas ward esq. sold them in 1737 to John Wodhull, esq. of THENFORD, of whom they were purchased in 1751 by Clarke Adams esq. lieutenant-colonel of the Northamptonshire militia, whose son, Simon Adams esq. sometime deputy recorder of Northampton conveyed them in 1780 to Henry Sawbridge, esq. father of the present proprietor.

Mrs Lane’s share vested under her will in her sister Humble, who thus became entitled to two third shares of the lands and of the advowson, was succeeded by her only son Sir William Humble, bart. by whom they were devises in fee to his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Gilbert 2nd lord Barnard, from whom one share has passed to the daughters and coheiresses of the late Sir William Langham, bart. of COTTESBROOK , by his wife Henrietta-Elizabeth-Frederica, daughter and heiress of the hon. Charles Vane, brother and devisee of lady Humble; and the other share being deeply mortgaged, a foreclosure took place, and a conveyance in fee was made in 1756 by the mortgagee to James-Haughton Langston, esq. of Sarsden in Oxfordshire, who in 1774 sold his estates here to Christopher Smyth, esq. of Northampton.

MUCEGROS or RAGON MANOR   Sir Simon Mucegros, husband of the youngest coheiress of Dyve, left an only son, Sir John Mucegros who dying s.p. was succeeded in his manor of “East Haddon” and estates in Nottinghamshire Sussex and Berkshire, by his two sisters, Alice and Agatha, who were afterwards married to Ralph Dyve and Walter Ratinden.   Alice survived her husband, but leaving no issue, her purparty passed to her nephew and heir John Ratinden, who in 7 Edw. 3 (1333), levied a fine in fee tail to the third part of the (original) manor of East Haddon, which he appears to have alienated soon after; for in 31 Edw. 3 (1357),            John Ragon levied a fine of it in fee simple.   From him this manor or estate passed, conformably with the subjoined pedigree, to Henry Dyve, esq. who enjoyed it in right of his wife, and from whom it lineally descended to Sir Lewis Dyve, whose estate here was sold in 1652 by the parliamentary commissioners of sequestration to John Willies and John Moulton, yeoman.   About the time of the restoration Sir Lewis again came into possession, either by restitution or re-purchase, and in 1661 jointly with Frances Dyve, esq. his son and heir, conveyed it to Sir Justinian Isham, bart. of LAMPORT, whose great grandson Sir Justinian Isham, bart. alienated it in 1789 to Henry Sawbridge, esq. father of the present proprietor.


From Visitations and other authorities.

Arms.    RAGON.  Argent, a chevron Sable, fretty Or, between three stag’s heads couped Gules.     WYLDE.  Argent, a chevron Sable, on a chief of the second three mullets of the field.    DYVE.  vide above.

 Sir JOHN RAGON, of East Haddon, ob. 51 Edw. 3 (1377), Esc. 51 Edw. 3 n 24.  =  .....

   Sir REGINALD RAGON, of East Haddon, aet. 22, Esc. 51 Edw. 3,  =  ELIZABETH, sister and h. of Thomas Widville, of Grafton Regis, nephew of Richard

 Living 5 Hen. 5 (1417).    Earl Rivers, K. G. living 20 Hen. 6 (1441-2).

THOMAS RAGON, of East Haddon, esq. 20 Hen. 6 (1411-2) ob. s. p.  JOHN RAGON, of East Haddon, esq. brother and heir,  =  ..........

AGNES, d. and h. with whom her husband had East Haddon,  =  THOMAS WYLDE, of Bromham, co. Bedf., esq.  =  2 w. ANHARET, d. h. of Howel ap Jevan

1 h. HENRY DYVE, of Brampton, &c. esq. and of Bromham  =  ELIZABETH, d. and coh. of her father, and sole heiress of   =   2 h. WILLIAM SALISBURY,

Co. Bedf. and of East Haddon in right of his wife.                her mother, ob. 27 Sept. 1497, Esc. 15 Hen. 7. p. 2. n. 174.        of Horton, esq.

    See BRAMPTON     see HORTON

MANOR HOUSES.   Each manor had probably its own mansion.   The St. Andrew manor-house unquestionably stood in the field still called St. Andrews’ close. The site of the Dyves Mansion is not known.    The manor house of the Brays was the residence of the family of Adams, but part of the offices only are now standing.   The present mansion, erected by the late Mr. Sawbridge, is situated a short distance to the north, and is a commodious edifice of white free-stone.   In the breakfast parlour are twelve humorous  sketches by Hogarth illustrative of Hudibras.

THE VILLAGE. is between  seven and eight miles from Northampton, north of the turnpike road to Coventry through Dunchurch.   In the time of Bridges it consisted of “seventy one houses and three for the use of the poor”; by the census of 1801 it contained 115 houses and 411 inhabitants; and by that of 1811, 124 houses and 552 inhabitants.   The annual quota of land-tax for this parish is £115 2 3d at 4s. in £.   The estimated value of real property is assessed to the property tax of 10 per cent. for the year ending April 1815, amounted to £4090.   The poor’s rates for the year ending Easter 1820, raised £756.7s. in the £.   “The wake is kept on the Sunday after Michaelmas”.

ADVOWSON.   The inspeximus charter of King Edward 2nd to the abbot and convent of Sulby, recites and confirms, among other donations, the church of East Haddon with its pertinencies, of the gift of William de Dyve, son of Hugh de Dyve.   On the dissolution, the rectory and advowson of the vicarage fell to the crown, and in 3 Eliz. (1516 ), were granted, with those of Cold Ashby, in exchange for other estates, to sir Thomas Chaloner and his heirs.   Sir Christopher Hatton, the lord Chancellor, died possessed of them in 1591, and the impropriate rectory and advowson were probably severed by his representatives.   In 1698 sir John Chester, bart. of Chichely in Buckinghamshire, settled the impropriation on his next brother, Henry Chester, esq. whose son and heir, the rev. sir. Anthony Chester, bart. vicar of the parish, devised it by will in 1766 to his wife dame Elizabeth Chester in fee, who sold it in 1796 to Christopher Smyth, of Northampton, esq.

The advowson of the vicarage was in possession of Andrew Lant, esq. at his death in 1695; and on the partition of his property one turn was assigned to each other share.   The subsequent descent of these shares has already been given, and the respective proprietors are entitled to present in rotation.

The RECTORY was valued in the taxations of 1254 (38 Hen 3) and 1291 (20 Edw, at 15 Marks (£10) per ann. Deducting a pension of one mark to the abbot of Sulby; and in the ecclesiastical survey of 1535 (26 Hen. 8), it was rated among the spirituality of the abbey at £13.6s.8d per ann. deduction a pension of 20s. and 7s 6 1/2d  in sydonals and procurations to the bishop of Lincoln.   The commissioners of inclosures allotted 249 a. 2r. 23p. in lieu of the great tithes of the open field, and of certain old inclosures and homesteads.

THE VICARAGE. is in the deanry of West Haddon.   The abbot and convent of Sulby obtained an appropriation of this church in 1351, and about the same time the vicarage was ordained.   At the ecclesiastical survey of 1535 (26 Hen. 8) it was valued at £15. 3s. per ann. deducting 3s for synodals to the archdeacon of  Northampton.   The parliamentary commissioners in 1635 certified it to be a vicarage worth £51. per ann. in the patronage of Henry Chester, Esq. and that James Dutton the incumbent was resident.   It is a discharged living, being returned under the act of 5 Ann. (1707) to be only of the clear yearly value of £48. 6s 4d and in the return of livings under £150. per ann. in 1809, the bishop of Peterborough certified it to be worth £140. per ann. arising from glebe and fixed money payment.   The vicarage now consists of 94 a. 38p. Allotted by the commissioners of enclosure in lieu of glebe and of all vicarial tithes whatsoever, except of homesteads and old inclosures belonging to persons not having lands or common in the open field, and which continue subject to the same tithes or modusses as before the act.   The vicarage-house is north-west of the church.

RECTORS.  Mast. Hugh de Stanford, subdeacon, presented by the abbot and convent of Sulby 1237.   He was rector of Paxton 1238.  

William de Houton, subdeacon 1240. Rector of Oxendon 1230.

Hugh de Wynford, chaplain, 29 May 1294. Lawrence de Belegrave, acolyte, 13 Nov. 1301. Peter de Belegrave, deacon, 6 Dec. 1342.  Thomas, son of Robert Knapetoft, 4 June 1350. Thomas de Pery.

VICARS.  William Hardy, priest, presented to the vicarage of East Haddon 1 Mar. 1369-70, and exchanged for the rectory of Newton Blossomville in Buckinghamshire with                                      John Waryn of Buckby, 35 Oct. 1370.    John Gurry, priest, 3 Sept 1390; exchanged for the rectory of Finedon with      John Etton, priest, 22 Apl. 1395.     John Botheby.   He was vicar of St. Sepulchres in Northampton 1380 which he exchanged for the vicarage of Brayfield 1402, and was presented the same year to the rectory of St. Bartholomew’s in Northampton.  

John Stele, of Boresworth, chaplain 16 Dec. 1402. Sir Hugh Humberston, 27 Jan. 1405-6.        Thomas Leche, priest 19 Apl. 1413     John Cok, priest, 22 June 1441               Thomas Leche, priest, probably the former vicar re-presented, 15 Nov. 1444.         Sir John Chapell.                                Sir William Garadde, priest 21 Mar. 1456-7; rector of Little Billing 1471.          Sir Robert Lewyn, priest, 27 Apl. 1477; vicar of Sibbertoft. 1456.          Sir Thomas Ormeston, priest, 4 Jan 1502-3, probably the Thomas Ernstone, vicar, who, by will, 1 July 1511, desired his body to be buried here.       Mast. Thomas Barker, 5 July 1511.         Sir Robert Goodeall, abbot of Sulby, on the presentation of Nicholas Osborn by grant from the abbot and convent, 11 Apl.          Sir John Fox, priest, 6 Mar 1524-5.   On his decease,                Robert Mowyer, LL.B. was presented by Phillip Egerton, by grant p.h.v. from Ralph late abbot of the dissolved abbey of Sulby, and instituted 2 Apl. 1545.                 Christopher Segeswyk, inst 27 Sept. 1553, on the presentation of the queen vice the last incumbent                  deceased.   He was buried here 13 Nov.1595, and Henry Bourne was presented by sir William Hatton, and inst. 10 Feb. 1595-6.   He had twelve sons, nearly all of whom were baptised here, excepting Immanuel the eldest, author of several sermons and polemical pamphlets, who was born before his father obtained this vicarage, but may still be considered a native of Northamptonshire on the authority of Anthony A’Wood.   He was buried here 15 Apl. 1649; and was, I presume succeeded by              William Dutton, of Dalton, who occurs in 1655 and 1680.   On his cession,    James Blockley, resigned Roewll and was inst. 31 May 1691, on the presentation of Andrew Lant, esq.   He was buried here 19 December 1701, and Edward Whitmell, of St. John Bap. Coll. Oxf. A.M. was presented by Elizabeth Lane, widow, and inst. 25 May. 1702.   He was buried here 12 June 1743, when

George Clarke was presented by John Woodhull esq. and inst. 26 Sept 1743.   On his decease

Anthony Chester, of Emanuel coll. Cambs. Was inst. 28 Nov. 1748 on the presentation of Dame Elizabeth Humble.   He married Miss Elizabeth Birt in 1751, and, on the failure of the elder line of the Chesters, he succeeded to the baronetcy; but Chichely and the other family estates passed, under the will of sir C.S.Chester, bart. to Charles Bagot,esq. brother to the first lord Bagot.   He died 17 May, and was buried here 23 May 1769, and having no issue the title became extinct.   His successor in this vicarage,    

Theophilus Goodfellow, of Trinty coll. Cam. A.M. rector of Geat Houghton, was inst. In Nov. 1759, and continued to hold both benefices till his death in 1782, when                      William Lucas Holden, of Clare hall, Camb. A.M. vicar of Whilton, was presented by Henry Sawbridge, esq. 18 Apl.1782   He afterwards took the name of Rose, and dying in Jan. 1814    John Sikes Sawbridge, of Christ coll. Oxf. A.M. was inst. 13 July 1814, on the presentation of his brother, William Sawbridge, Esq.   He is also vicar of Stretton on Dunsmoor in Warwickshire.

THE REGISTERS commence in 1552; but to 1596 is copied from the old register, and signed by Henry Bourne, vicar.

THE CHURCH, dedicated to the virgin Mary, is situated near the centre of the village, And consists of an embattled tower, containing five bells, nave, south aisle and porch with a room over it, and chancel.   The windows in the south aisle are square-headed; those of the chancel are of earlier period, pointed, with flowing tracery.   The interior is partially new pewed, and at the west end is a modern gallery.   The tower is 13 ft 10 in long, by 12 ft wide; the nave and the aisle are 58 ft 1 in. Long, the nave 22ft wide; and the chancel is 40 ft. long by 18 ft. 6 in. wide.   The font, of which an etching is given, has a plain circular shaft, supporting a basin of the same shape, with the figure of a man, rudely sculptured, between two swans, whose heads are protruded under his arms.   The nave is separated from the aisle by four large pointed arches on low octagonal pillars with capitals of plain mouldings.   At the east end on the aisle is a plain piscine.   The chancel is divided from the nave by a wide open arch.   At the east end of the south wall are three seats under trefoiled arches, the outer mouldings of which form each spandrel into a reversed trefoil; further eastward is a projecting trefoil-headed piscine, under an ogee arch deeply recessed with mouldings; and the whole are connected by e horizontal dripstone with corbel heads.


NAVE. Slabs for

1. Elizabeth, w. of Thomas Philips. 1705.

2. John s. of Mr, John Philips and Elizabeth, his wife. 1712.

3. (Nearly obliterated) Jacobus Blockley hujus Ecclesiae

Supra viginti annos pastor, qui obit 7mo  die Diecembris 1701.


4. Thomas Philips 15 June 1715 aet. 86.  

CHANCEL. On the north wall are two marble tablets.

I.  Arms : per pale Ar. And S. a chevron engrailed between three rams’ heads erased attired O. All countercharged within a border engrailed G bezanty,  Chester.    Crest : on a wreath, a ram’s head erased Ar. Attired O.

To the Memory of



of Chichley

in the County of Bucks, Bart)

and THEODOSIA his wife.

He departed this Life

May the 6th 1726 Aged 59

She departed this Life

July the 1st 1706.

In the same Vault

Lies interred the Revd


(son of the above named


who died

May the 17th 1769.

Aged 62.


(Relict of the above)

died June 13, 1808 Aged 88.

She died lamented and

She lived revered.

II. Arms : V. On a cross O. An entail S.  Adams.

Here lies the Body of CLARKE ADAMS Esqr

late of this Parish Deputy Lieunt of the COUNTY

and Lieunt Colonel of the NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Militia

and one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace

He died June the 26th, 1776. Aged 57.

A worthy member of Society &

A Friend to all Mankind.

On a slab, nearly obliterated :

5. Here lieth the body of that eminently charitable and devout Christian Mrs. Theodosia Chester, the virtuous and loving wife of Henry Chester of this parish Esquire, the only child of Thomas Tower of Haddenham in the isle of Ely Esq. and Elizabeth his wife : on July 1st 1706 her soul was carried to Abraham’s bosom to receive the reward of her early sincere and lasting piety.-She gave much Alms to the poor, and prayed to God always.

6. Elisha Ireton, Sept. 1705 aet. 7.

7. Alice Ireton, 29 Sept. 1710, aet 70.

8. Elisha Ireton, Oct. 1710. aet. 70.

THE INDEPENDENTS have a small chapel here, erected in 1812, for a Sunday evening lecture.   It is connected with the congregation, and supplied by the ministers at Long Buckby.

BENEFACTIONS (vide p.80) The poor’s land consists of 3 a. 27 p. allotted by the commissioners of inclosure in lieu of land in the open field, and now lets for nearly £10. per ann.   The school-room in the house which lord St. John had for many years allowed the parish to use for that purpose, being found insufficient, a subscription was entered into in 1790, and a new school-room built for the accommodation of the parish.

NOTE:             Abbreviations and translations used in the charts

aet. = aged

d., dau. = daughter

co. = county

coh. = coheir

Edw., Hen.,Eliz., etc = see note below on dates

Esc. = Escheat (a dated (in italics) legal document about ownership of the property)

h. = husband, or heir (depending on context)

jure ux. = by right of his wife

ob ,obiit = died

ob. inf. = died in infancy

ob. s. p. = died without issue/offspring

unm. = unmarried

vide = see

w. = wife, or widow (depending on context)

Note on dates:  dates are expressed as nth year in the reign of the monarch

 (eg. 12 Hen. 3 is the twelfth year of Henry 3rd’s  reign, ie 1227-8)