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A total of 108 men from East Haddon served in WW1, and 63 in WW2.

Our village war memorial, erected March 1920, stands in the grounds of the parish Church. It records the names of 22 men from this Parish who died in WW1, and two men who died in WW2. Click each name to see details.

David Cecil Bingham      1914

Frederick Hadley            1914

John Alfred Clark            1914

Leslie John Robinson     1915

Albert De Ville                  1915

William Amos Watson     1915

Frank Cadman                 1916

Albert Arthur Johnson    1916

William Farn                     1916

Harry Dodd                       1917

James William Garrett    1917

Edgar Nevins Bramsdon 1917

Spencer Gwilliam David  1917

George Pyle                      1917

James Edward Baskott M.M.     1917

William Charles Cole                    1918

Edward Baskott                            1918

James Cadd                                   1918

Ernest Edward Thompson           1918

Charles Richard Parker                1918

Walter Hammands Hadley M.M.  1918

Rupert Victor Dennison                1919

William Sims                                   1941  

Ronald Henry Gardener                 1946