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EAST HADDON HISTORY SOCIETY Northamptonshire, England

The Jurassic Way

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Malcolm Deacon, a popular and gifted speaker, presented a tour of the Jurassic Way.

A limestone ridge which extends from the South West coast of Britain right up to Humberside, it is one of the oldest routes in Britain, and predates the Romans by many centuries. Initiated and used by iron age man as a trade route, it became the reason for many substantial settlements. The high ground through which the route lies gave generally dry pathways, and also offered better protection from attack.

The Romans built Ermine Street very close to, and in some places directly on this established route.

The Jurassic Way runs down through our county, and through Northampton town, exiting along what is now Bridge Street before heading off southwards through Hunsbury.

Malcolm illustrated his talk with slides of the route, showing the landscape, and some of the artifacts found at sites along  its pathway.