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Paul Marshall has carefully assembled data relating to the very early ownerhip of land and titles in the village.  These “Manors” were held by different families, but over a period they all fell to the Sawbridge family.

These papers have all been prepared by Paul Marshall, a member of EHHS, and we are indebted to him for his efforts.

Paul’s work can be seen in the following sections:

The Very Early Years” - a paper by Paul Marshall describing East Haddon in the pre-Domeday era

The text of “The Three Manors

A table illustrating the origins of the three manors

Text drawn from Baker, 1822

A ascendancy chart drawn from Baker’s text

Text drawn from Bridges, 1791

A descendancy chart for Ragon, Wylde, & Dyve

A descendancy chart for Sawbridge

The Hadley / Bascombe family - correspondence

The Hadley / Bascombe family - family tree

East Haddon Fire Brigade 1895

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